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Book: Love and Resistance

by Theresa J. Wolfwood
The passion for social justice, human rights and the longing for peace illuminate many of Theresa Wolfwood’s poems. In some, the passion is expressed by individuals: a child in Gaza recounts her own war story....
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by Daniel Jakopovich
Daniel Jakopovich
Black, eternal sea.
Myriads of Suns blazing in the night.
Swimming when the weather is not hot
in water clear as ice...
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Merely Humans

Itir Toksoz
by Itir Toksöz
wash away the words
said unto you
with a small river of teardrops
do not seek the kisses of others
do not entertain false hopes...
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Eyes Frozen to Sky

Bashir Goth
by Bashir Goth
For Somalia
War in my country
No rain to wash the blood
weeping in winter...
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An Afternoon in March

Theresa Wolfwood
by Theresa Wolfwood
put away the banners
stack up the placards
the demonstration is over
a few hundred hardy souls
clumped under umbrellas
it always rains in March
weary and dejected
we cleave to friends and...
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To an Iraqi Child

David Krieger
by David Krieger
So you wanted to be a doctor?
It was not likely that your dreams
would have come true anyway.
We didn’t intend for our bombs to find you...
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by Jahanera Noor
Sumeet Grover
Weightless I float, way above the sea of sapphire blue sparkles
The sunlight bejewelling the interminable ocean of serenity.
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September 20th

by Frances James
“The plants shrivel and dry
fall too early, and we
exult, while people
stream in long lines to
escape plunder and death...

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Through Love’s Great Power

by Vikram Seth
A poem in protest of India's Section 377.
Through love’s great power to be made whole
In mind and body, heart and soul -
Through freedom to find joy, or be
By dint of joy itself set free...
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by Marilyn Bradley
A poem on elephant slaughtery for ivory.  
It’s here, to the river, they come,
to play, spray and water the little ones.
Take in the waters, away from the heat...
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If I Must Die

Refaat Alareer
by Refaat Alareer
A poem for Palestine.
If I must die,
you must live
to tell my story
to sell my things
to buy a piece of cloth
and some strings,
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Daybreak Train

Sumeet Grover
by Sumeet Grover
arms folded around night
you heard bullies and laughter
fluffy white pillows talking,
ducks from a dirty pond
feathers trimmed to sell you sleep...

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