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In Protest of India’s Section 377

Through Love’s Great Power
by Vikram Seth

To undo justice, and to seek
To quash the rights that guard the weak -
To sneer at love, and wrench apart…
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For Somalia

Bashir Goth

Eyes Frozen To Sky by Bashir Goth
Mother holds dead child
Husband under her feet
eyes frozen to sky…
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For Palestine

Hearts by Theresa Wolfwood
Theresa Wolfwood
you enter my land break it
with your cruel machines
I watch you bring more soldiers
to guard your destruction
trucks arrive… Read more [...]

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Nonkilling and the Arts

A Plea of Pleas for Nonkilling – by Francisco Gomes de Matos

Francisco Gomes de Matos

In so many ways the history of violence can be told
Depending on its origins and on how events unfold
In favor of a person/a community/a country there may be an action
In favor of world peace and nonviolence there may be interaction
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Seeds of Yearning

Aya Rice

Planted in the Earth – by Aya Rice
I too have been planted
In soil soft enough
To embrace me in its fold
Thick enough to hold me
As I grow into the light
Out of this
Dark Earth…

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Humanist Perspective: For India

House Arrest
she has grown wiser and respectful,
married to more things than Ma
to her job and its money
printed Gandhi     remains powerful like alive
helps prisoners     go out and work… Read more [...]

For Nature

Joseph Briggs

Descent by Joseph Briggs
Los monarcas descend on Michoacan
around the Day of the Dead and
legend has it that the monarchs are
returning souls of those departed… Read more [...]

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Human Rights and Democracy: For Iran

Sumeet Grover

Ayesha was killed – by Sumeet Grover
Dedicated to the young men and women executed in Iran for supporting human rights and democracy. Read poem

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Book Reviews

Midnight and Other Poems. Mourid Barghouti. 2008. Arc Publications. UK

I Was Born There, I Was Born Here by Mourid Barghouti

Midnight, 142 pages long, is a story in a poem of a prisoner, the story of loss, displacement and loneliness. The poem of one who seems to have only poetry left. What makes it poetry is the leanness of language, the precision that rejects generality, the clarity of a single image or thought that defies vagueness and sentimentality…. Read more [...]
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Carole Chambers

She Draws The Rain by Carole Chambers
“Many of her poems are rooted in her island life surrounded by the Salish Sea, but her feelings for people and particularly for her mother as she leaves this world are heart rending and universal in their understanding of loss – even before death. “In the end/her hands were/like bundles of cottonwood twigs;/ long and curving,/knotted joints. She was deep in/the business of dying/”

Not many poets can express the futility and insanity of war in so few and sure words as Chambers does in ‘Silence’.” Read more [...]


Dylan Thomas: The Man & Myth Exhibition
Dylan Thomas: The Man and Myth Exhibition at Swansea
This permanently housed exhibition is an unparalleled one to be seen anywhere, not only for the giant portrayal of a poet’s life on grand walls, but also for the stories of his rise to international fame, his poetry readings in USA, the depth and breadth of his poetic works, Read more[...]

UNESCO World Poetry Day 2014

Message from Irina Bokova, UNESCO Director General

Irina Bokova, UNESCO Director General

Every year, UNESCO celebrates those who give life to poetry as one of the highest forms of linguistic and cultural expression. Poetry is a song of freedom, enabling us to affirm our identity through creation. Poetry is also the song of our deepest feelings; in the words of the Brazilian poet and diplomat João Cabral de Melo Neto… Read more [...]

For Hiroshima and Nagasaki

The Hibakusha’s Pain and Grief by Rumana Mehdi
The past ridicules her…
The future frightens her…
Despite all this, the hibakusha continues to cry for peace,
With wrinkled hands, she prays for violence to cease… Read poem [...]

Women of the World

Betty Kituyi, Uganda
Betty Kituyi, receiving the Third Prize for BN Poetry Awards Uganda, 2012
Betty Kituyi (Left), receiving the Third Prize at BN Poetry Award Uganda, 2012

The poem, Falling, was written by Betty Kituyi and emerged third in the fourth BN Poetry Award. The judges agreed that it was strong, beautiful, transporting readers to a new place… Read more

Poetry Recitation

Waqt (Time) – Recitation in Urdu and English by Javed Akhtar and Shabana Azmi
Waqt (Time) - Poetry recitation by Javed Akhtar and Shabana Azmi
Who is Javed Akhtar? For urban Indians and many Pakistanis, Akhtar needs no introduction. He represents seven generations of poets in his family, and is a well known script and song writer in the Indian film industry. An Urdu poet, Akhtar not only embodies the poetic richness of the language, but also a wisdom, that people around the world have time and again sought and questioned. Watch video [...]

Cairo by Yahia Lababidi

Cairo - Poetry Recitation by Yahia Lababidi

Entangled between the past and present, future seems to be a hard step ahead when the beauty-wrapped face of past is hard to forget. There are still many unspoken moments of resentment and despair that sometimes drive our efforts to eventually bury this past. Watch video [...]

For Turkey

Tears in Taksim Square
street lamps are falling
in Taksim square
sepia grass     sold
young hearts remain,
becoming soot to catch light… Read more [...]